Wellness defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body, mind and soul, especially as a result of deliberate effort, is a mindset that is evolving into the lives of men and women and has emerged in a lifestyle here to stay.  There are many common threads that stand out across various definitions of wellness.  Wellness is multi dimensional, holistic, changes over time and its mostly individual, but is also influenced by the community and the environment.  This website is devoted to my personal journey towards wellness.  I will be promoting products and services that keep us healthy, make us look and feel better, slow down the effects of aging.  And I would like to share  how anything is possible when we change our mind set, I want to send life force energy to those who are interested and I can teach you how to transfer energy.  And why Yoga is my go to.  Yoga has something for EVERYONE!!!!  Over the years, I have had people contact me from all parts of the world wanting to know if I could help them with various issues.  I had a lot of free time back in the day and I use to publish tons of information about healing.  Or I would  correct some misinformation that was posted on various websites about healing.  I am able to communication and answer any questions you might have about intuitive and energy healing.  And I feel very grateful that I am allowed to use the mantras.  I have been gifted with my own healing system that I can transfer on to others and I teach them how to use it so it benefits their needs.  Yoga and holistic healing  has been such and interesting and exciting learning experience and journey for me, there is always something to share.  I have a thing I do called meet and greet your guardian angel.  Every one in awhile I will snap of a couple of digital pics and post them.  I have quite a bunch of various spirit guides, angels and such.  Its such a wonderful feeling to help someone who has been suffering.  So don’t miss out on all the awesome things to come.  Join my email list and you will be notified about all the events that are happening in the future.

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