What is it about Yoga? Can I benefit from it?

Yoga isn’t just an exercise program.  And I believe yoga has something for everybody.  Yoga is a journey that helps us all learn about our body, mind and soul.  For me, yoga has changed my mind set from that of a no pain, no gain program to one of promoting positive change in a gentle way.  My body has a normal natural tone instead of huge bulky man muscles.  I no longer have to sew all my own clothes to fit my old man muscle body.  And I don’t feel like I belong in some side show at the carnival anymore.  I have the flexibility throughout my body.  I can now turn my head from side to side.  I don’t pull muscles anymore or get severe cramps in my legs.  My fingers don’t lock up.  I can touch my fingers to my toes.  I feel young and limber, I do not feel like a 58 year old woman.  I still ride my stand up jet ski on a weekly basis, and the next day is like any other day.

Lets talk about the benefits yoga has to offer.  Aside from the physical benefits, one of the best benefits is how it helps a person manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and the mind.  A mudra is used to manage stress.  Here are examples of 2 other mudras and what they are used for.  First a Gyan Mudra.  It provides a great sense of calmness and openness in meditation.  This mudra boosts the air element which stimulates the brain.  This mudra is used to boost your concentration.  Here’s how it is done.  You want to bring your thumb and index finger to meet.  And keep your middle, ring and pinky finger straight.  Hands can be placed on you knees.  The second is Anjali Mudra or prayer hands held at the heart center.  This mudra is used to connect your spirituality.  You want to bring both palms together, fingers pointed up, hands are pressed firmly and evenly.  Keep a small opening between the palms.  Hands placed in front of the heart center.  Yoga also improves your cardio and circulatory health.  You can build strength through low impact moves.  And everyone can do yoga, its just a matter of picking the type of yoga you can do and working within your abilities.  Yoga can help you loose weight, and improve your balance which can prevent falls.  Yoga has a very calming effect.  It lifts your spirit and helps you to be nicer towards other people. Yoga can also improve your range of motion, relieve tight muscles, circulate your blood, boost your metabolism, improve your body composition, and build your stamina.  Mobility becomes an issue for seniors.  Poor joint mobility can cause pain, discomfort and muscle stiffness.  Injury, fatigue and compromised joint health and even poor posture  can result, but moving smoothly through the yoga poses, circulates the synovial fluids to the joints which allow the bones to glide over each other without friction.  Lets take an issue like feet problems and see how yoga would go about fixing it.  Poses like Tree Pose and Eagle Pose would be used because they would create a stable base. Plus, stretching the feet in poses like Downward-Facing Dog can heal and prevent foot problems and improve your alignment.  After devoting attention to the balance and alignment of the feet. Integrate awareness into balance poses.  Your leg strength will help you balance as you press out and you may notice an increased lift out of the pull of gravity. that’s energy that wakes up your feet and helps you to engage just the right muscles to balance the front and back ankles, the inner and outer foot.

There is tons of information about yoga on the internet.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Do some research of your own and discover the yoga that fits all your needs.

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