Yoga, Truth, And A Mindset Change

It was the exposure from my soon to be in-laws, and
there behavior that first lead me to Yoga. Never in
my life had I experienced such nonsense, while my
husband looked the other way. Or he asked me,
what had I done to make them act in such a way.
At one point, I started to pack, I didn’t know where
I was going. I couldn’t take it anymore. He wouldn’t
talk to them about their behavior, but he promised to
get them to leave me alone. After that, everything
was done behind his back. He supported all their
lies with lies of his own. Even if I could prove the
truth, he didn’t want to see it. I was treated in a
manor that was very unsettling, and I had to find
a way to deal with it, and keep my peace of mind.
All my life, I believed truthfulness was an important
quality. And being true to who I am and owning up
to what I am all about. I feel like such a fool that I
was so stupid and did not see any of this in the
It was when I was reading about the history of yoga
and how the Hindu have a mind set to appreciate and
accept opposites. I was feeling in order to prove
myself to be a good person, I needed to be able
to accept his family ways. I was the one causing
conflict. Accepting his family as they
are, and being undisturbed by the things that they
say or do would bring peace in to my life, and
be such a grand gesture of my strength. There
would be no more need to test the waters. Well, I
gave it my best to resolve it all peacefully. Had they
the same mind set, things would have been different.
But they were bullies and as you know bullies only
pick on those that they feel are easy prey. They
mistook me incorrectly. They no longer mess with
me. But I find the ways of the Hindu to be much
I am so grateful to have discovered yoga. I use it
a starting point to fix my imperfections, so that I can
live in harmony as I work towards being a better
human being.

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