My expression about Yoga

My hope is that I can find the words to encourage you all to take a yoga class and experience all that it has to offer, and the fullness of the healing that is achieved on levels that have never been achieved before.  Yoga has benefits for everyone on a grand scale.  It is growing on a world wide level and if you haven’t given it some serious thought and discovered on your own how it will benefit you.  Waste no more time.  Our world is full of uncertainties, it has become harsh, Yoga can help take the edge off and prepare us to handle the new changes in our world on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  It helps us become all that we can be, and not be affected by the things that we can not control that are going on around us.  I am truly grateful for the discovery, and always amazed from the results I gain from the many techniques and exercises that I have learned over the years.  I would like to hear responses from you all about what yoga has done for you.

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