A Variety of Useful Yoga Info

Yoga To Reverse Aging From The Inside Out
For those of you who have a job that confines you to a desk all day.
Try some simple neck rolls and the Frog Pose. The Frog Pose
gets your cardiovascular system going, regenerates your cerebro spinal fluid and brings energy to your life nerve, which gets squished from too much sitting.
Here’s how the frog pose is done: squat down onto your toes, with your heels touching and raised off the floor, knees spread wide, your fingertips on the floor between your thighs. Keep your head level and looking forward. Inhale as you lift your butt up towards the sky, keeping hands and balls of feet on the ground. Allow the top of your head to tip down towards the floor. Exhale as you return to the starting position, continue for 26 breaths, then inhale deeply into the up position and hold your breath. Then exhale, come down and relax.
Feel that your cells are invigorated and full of light.
A Restorative Yoga Sequence for Self-Care
For this sequence you will need a strap that is 8-10 feet long.
This yoga technique will stimulate your rest and digest response.
It slows your heart rate and breath and inspires a feeling of deep relaxation. Begin seated in a position that is comfortable to you, elevate your seat slightly higher than your knees so that your hips
can relax completely. Elongate your spine by reaching your sit bones towards the floor and stretching your crown towards the sky. Loop your strap behind your back to touch the bottom of your shoulder blades. Hold on to each end with the corresponding hand and equalize the excess slack of the straps on both sides. Sling the strap ends over your shoulders so that they fall back behind you. Pull
down on both ends of the strap to gently tighten its grip over your
shoulders and cross the strap ends into an X behind your back.
Keep strap pulled tight and each end held in your hands in front of you. Loop strap in to the buckle and tighten it. Soften your shoulders and relax your arms in a place of your comfort.

Now close your eyes and draw awareness inside. Mentally scan your
body to find any pockets of tension and consciously release them.
Surrender in to the present moment.
Here is a mantra used to send healing energy to ourselves
and to others. The pose for this meditation is just as important as the sound. You are to sit comfortably with elbows bent and tucked
firmly alongside the ribcage, forearms extended out with palms facing up.

Ra ma da sa sa say so hung will be repeated 108 times in a slow song like manor,

the translation: sun, moon, earth, Infinity, All that is in infinity, I am Thee.

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