This Is My Favorite Time Of The Year

I love this time of the year because from now on, I will be the only jet skier on the lake.  Aside from a few fishing boats, it will just be me!!!!!!  This is the time when I bring my huge surf board and attempt to master my yoga poses out on the lake on my board.  But I do miss living by the ocean.  At the end of my routine, as I would ride my ski in to have it hoisted up and put on the back of my truck.  A group of sea animals would follow me in and I would swim around with them for a bit.  I have some kind of connection with them that is  wonderfully blissful .  Well, I must go, I will be heading off to the lake in a few.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Sending out a big ball of life force energy.  Take from it if you want.  Hugzzzzzzz yogadeb

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